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Model S29 High Current Module

Model S29-6-2 High Current Solid State SwitchThe models S29 and S39 are thyristor based switches designed for high peak current applications. These switches have fast turnon and high di/dt capability.

This solid state switch consists of multiple silicon thyristors in parallel/series combination, designed specifically for high di/dt, high voltage, pulsed power applications. The switch can be provided with an integrated self powered gate drive circuit and air-cooled heat sink. The self powered gate drive circuit connects directly to the module and can be triggered via either an electric or fiber-optic input. The switches can handle voltages up to 8kV and currents up to 60kA with current rates of rise as high as 150kA/μS.

· Up to 8kV Peak Off-State Voltage
· Up to 60kA Peak Non-Repetitive Current
· Up to 150kA/μS Maximum di/dt
· Integrated Air Cooled Heat Sink (Model S39 only)

Download the Model S29/S39 Data Sheet.

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