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Model S08 High Speed Gas Valve Driver

Our 10kA pulse generator was designed to drive from one to four Model S20A high speed gas valves, at up to 25 pulses/second. External triggering is either electrical or optical, with the mode selected by an internal jumper. The output current is monitored by an internal Rogowski coil. All versions have rear panel connectors for remote operation and monitoring.

Switching is accomplished with solid state components, and transient protection is provided for the high voltage power supply. Solid state crowbarring dissipates inductive energy in the driver and minimizes power dissipation in the load. The unit is mountable in a 19″ rack.

The system can be used to drive other types of loads provided the maximum ratings are not exceeded. Different current, voltage, rise time and repetition rate requirements can be accommodated. Please consult with APP.

Download the Model S08 Data Sheet sheet.

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