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Trigger and Snubber Circuit Model EA0013

The Model EA0013 attaches to the Model S25 Dual Thyristor Module, providing a snubber and gate trigger in a low inductance connection. The electrically triggered version requires only a 1A 15V trigger signal.

The Model EA0013 Gate and Snubber Circuit for Model S25 Dual Thyristor Modules is a self powered trigger circuit and resistive and capacitive snubber circuit. The snubber resistance assures DC voltage balance between the two series connected thyristors in the Dual Thyristor Module package. The snubber capacitance assures AC voltage balance between the thyristors as well as provides the trigger energy for fast turn-on. The electrically triggered version can be triggered by the Model EA0038 Trigger Circuit. The EA0013 is designed for either an air or oil environment.

Download the Model EA0013 data sheet.

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