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The COBRA high current generator, designed and built by APP for the Lab of Plasma Studies at Cornell University, is capable of delivering a 1 MA, 100 ns current pulse to a low impedance load. COBRA is part of the new Center for the Study of Pulsed-Power-Driven High Energy Density Plasma at Cornell University. The generator went online in the spring of 2004.

Applications for COBRA include improving the performance of wire-array z-pinches as x-ray sources, laboratory simulation of astrophysical phenomena, studies of radiation dominated plasmas, interaction of plasma jets with target plasmas, and the atomic physics of highly stripped high-Z elements. Isentropic compression experiments at the 100 kbar level will also be carried out.

COBRA thumbnailA walk-through tour of the COBRA design (2.3 Mb WMV file)

COBRA News Stories
Plasma studies unwinds a powerful COBRA for high-density simulations
High Energy Density Plasmas
Z Marks the Spot

COBRA Research
COBRA: an overview
Modifying Wire-Array Z-pinch Ablation Structure and Implosion Dynamics Using Coiled Arrays
Experimental Studies of Multi-wire Arrays on the COBRA Generator
Magnetic Field Measurements in Wire-Array Z-Pinches
Magnetic Field Measurements in Wire-Array Z-Pinches and X Pinches

Thesis Abstracts
Implosion Dynamics, Radiation Characteristics, and Spectroscopic Measurements of Wire-Array Z-Pinches on the Cornell Beam Research Accelerator (COBRA)

Journal Article Abstracts
Capabilities of the Reconfigured Cobra Accelerator
Axially Correlated Ablation Between Neighboring Wires in a Z-Pinch
COBRA-STAR, a five frame point-projection x-ray imaging system for 1 MA scale wire-array Z pinches
Studies of multiwire X pinches from 0.4 to 1 MA
New modes of X pinch backlighting on cobra
Optical Streak Camera-Based Studies of Wire-Array Z-Pinch Implosion Dynamics on the 1-MA COBRA Pulsed Power Generator
Current Sharing in the Early Stages of a Wire Array Z-Pinch on the COBRA Accelerator
Experimental Studies of Multi-Wire X Pinches on the Cobra Pulsed Power Generator
Multiwire X-Pinches at 1-MA Current on the COBRA Pulsed-Power Generator
X-ray Spectroscopy and Imaging of Combined X-pinches with Mo and W wires at Cornell and UNR 1MA Pulsed Power Devices
The Imaging of Z-Pinches Using X-Pinch Backlighting

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