Steven Glidden

Chief Technology Officer

Steven Glidden is a leader in the field of pulsed power and plasma physics with over 30 years of experience since completing a degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University in 1975. His work in the field has included the electrical and mechanical design of pulsed power systems of up to 4TW peak power, single shot and high repetition rate systems, and the development of intense ion and electron diodes, magnets, vacuum systems and related diagnostics and controls.

Mr. Glidden co-founded Applied Pulsed Power, Inc. (APP) in 1990. As the principal investigator on a DOE Phase II SBIR program that successfully developed high di/dt, low inductance solid state switches, his work formed the basis of the company’s high power switch product line. Mr. Glidden, as inventor or co-inventor, holds four patents, three on packaging and triggering of compact high voltage solid state switches.

At APP, he served as principal investigator for an ARPA Phase II project involving the development of a 1 kW x-ray source for use in x-ray lithography. He is a co-inventor of the X-Line Thruster (XLT) and was the principal investigator on a Phase I SDIO project on the XLT. As president of APP Mr. Glidden has led the development of MAP ion source technology, resulting in the delivery of the first commercial prototype MAP ion diode system used for the treatment of material surfaces. These systems use both thyratrons and solid state switches in high average power modulators.

Before APP, Mr. Glidden worked in R&D at Cornell University, for industry, and as an independent consultant with national laboratories and government facilities including Sandia, LLNL, LANL, and Harry Diamond Laboratories, as well as the nuclear research center, KfK, in Karlsruhe, Germany. While at Cornell, Mr. Glidden was responsible for the development of the pulsed power systems for the first repetition rate MAP ion diode.

Howard D. Sanders

Manager, Solid State Switch Division

Howard Sanders graduated from Cornell University with bachelor and masters degrees in Engineering Physics. He is a co-inventor on three patents, two of which are on packaging and triggering of compact high voltage solid state switches. Since joining APP he has been the primary investigator on one DoD and the primary experimentalist on three DoE funded SBIR phase II projects. Other design and experimental work include the 1MA, 1MV COBRA accelerator built for Cornell University and the A durable, repetitively pulsed, 200 kV, 4.5 kA, 300 ns solid state pulsed power system at the Laser Plasma Branch of the Naval Research Laboratory. His work includes the development and testing of silicon and silicon carbide thyristor packages and switches. His publications include Laser Pumping of 5kV Silicon Thyristors, which he presented at the Pulsed Power Conference in 2011; Multi-Million Pulse Solid State Marx, which he presented at the Power Modulator Conference in 2008; High Power Solid State Switch Module, which he presented at the Power Modulator Conference in 2004; Inductive Plasma Ion Source for Heavy Ion Accelerators, which he presented at the APS Department of Plasma Physics Conference in 2003; and COBRA High Current Generator Baseline Design prepared for Cornell University. He also worked at Porous Materials, Inc. and Oak Ridge National Laboratory before joining APP.

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