APP began its existence developing a prototype compact point source x-ray source for micro-lithography with DARPA funding. In 1992 APP began a multi-year collaboration with Cornell University and Sandia National Laboratories for the development of Ion Beam Surface Treatment (IBEST) technology for industrial surface treatment. APP’s MAP ion diode system is the heart of a unique, high throughput, industrial surface treatment system. QM Technologies in Albuquerque, New Mexico, mates APP’s MAP I system with a 400 kV modulator, producing a new thermal surface treatment that uses intense ion beams to enhance hardness, corrosion resistance and smoothness of surfaces, without using chemicals or solvents. A commercial prototype of this system has been in operation since 1997 and is currently being used to treat over 5,000 parts per week.

To further the development of reliable, robust pulsed power systems, APP has been developing high speed, high voltage, high current, solid state switches and systems. The compact switches can be used to replace spark gaps, thyratrons and krytrons in existing and new applications. We have incorporated these switches in pulsed magnet drivers and trigger generators. We have developed an economical 24 kV, 10 kA switch to replace spark gaps used in medical equipment. In addition, we developed a 48kV version of this switch for use in the ELECTRA laser fusion program at NRL.

APP moved into 8500 square foot facility in December of 2005.

APP is developing solid state switches for applications which require very fast turn-on. We have obtained funding from the Air Force Research Lab to develop silicon carbide switches, and funding from the Department of Energy to develop an optically controlled silicon switch.

APP has developed a variety of solid state drivers for septum and kicker magnets and for other pulsed magnets with peak currents of up to 10 kA and average powers of up to 40 kW.

Under a contract from the Department of Energy, APP developed and patented (#7,081,711) pulsed plasma source technology for the Heavy Ion Fusion Program.

APP has designed several terawatt-level pulsed power generators for research programs at Cornell University. FIREX, a 1.2 MV, 800 kA, 100 ns generator was designed for high energy ion ring experiments funded by DOE’s fusion power program. The 1MA, 1 MV COBRA high current generator was designed and built by APP for the new Center for the Study of Pulsed-Power-Driven High Energy Density Plasma at Cornell University.

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